What is the biggest game ever made?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is the biggest game ever made?
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What is the biggest PC game ever and how big is it in GigaBytes?

The biggest PC game ever made was X-Plane 9, a flight simulator. This game took up well over 70GB.

What is the size of the biggest gobstopper ever made?

Bigger than Craig's PE game.

How high is the biggest Easter egg ever made?

the biggest Easter egg ever made was 8.22

Who made the biggest snowball ever?


What is the biggest bike ever made?

The biggest bike is in Jeddah roundabout.

What is the biggest video game ever?

Fifa 10

Which is the worst video game ever made?

Simple, E.T. The video game biggest video game flop in history it was rushed and finished ASAP when the movie was released and was then deemed the worst game ever everyone then started to hate Atari

What Is The Biggest Game Sight Ever?

I Believe That The Biggest Game Website Ever Is P.S If You Google Search This Website Click On "Play Free Online Games At"

What is the biggest movie ever made?

3 Idiots

What is the biggest tv ever made?

205' inches

What is the biggest mask ever made?

a tiger in china

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