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Shake them and move them around.

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Q: What is the best way to wake up your feet when they go to sleep?
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Did any one did in bed?

ya of course that's the best way to die my motto is ''go to sleep never wake up''

Why furby wake when i get him to sleep How to stop it please help?

If the Furby toy wakes up when you are trying to get it to sleep, it may need to be reset. The best way to try to get it to stop is to pull the batteries out and reset the device.

What is the best way to wake up a sleeping mac powerbook pro?

When I go to wake the MacBook, I open the machine and make sure that I don't plug anything into the machine before I wake it. I've continued this process under Mac OS X Leopard and have had no further trouble with waking from sleep. The Energy Saver control panel defines several kinds of sleep: "computer sleep," which is what we commonly think of as sleep, where the system sleeps; "display sleep," where the screen goes black; and "hard disk" sleep, where the drive spins down

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Lying down.

How do you wake someone using your voice?

The best way is just to shout as loud as you can!!

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Lying down.

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You can sleep in any position you want whether pregnant or not.

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