What is the best way to prevent byssinosis?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Eliminating exposure to textile dust is the surest way to prevent byssinosis.

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Q: What is the best way to prevent byssinosis?
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What precautions can be taken in the workplace to prevent byssinosis?

Using exhaust hoods, improving ventilation, and employing wetting procedures are very successful methods of controlling dust levels to prevent byssinosis.

What has the author D Honeybourne written?

D. Honeybourne has written: 'Byssinosis' -- subject(s): Byssinosis

What is the definition of byssinosis?

Byssinosis is a chronic, asthma-like narrowing of the airways. Also called brown lung disease, byssinosis results from inhaling particles of cotton, flax, hemp, or jute.

How is byssinosis diagnosed?

Tests that detect decreasing lung capacity during the workday are used to diagnose byssinosis.

What is the first goal in treating byssinosis?

Therapy for early-stage byssinosis focuses on reversing airway narrowing.

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What has the author Peter Neild written?

Peter Neild has written: 'Byssinosis' -- subject(s): Byssinosis, Workers' compensation

What percentage of byssinosis sufferers have symptoms throughout the work week?

As many as 25% of workers with byssinosis have symptoms that continue or recur throughout the workweek.

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What factors increase the chances of a person developing byssinosis?

Smoking, impaired lung function, and a history of respiratory allergy increase a textile worker's risk of developing byssinosis.