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56 year old male injured in high speed car accident in Texas other driver At Fault transported to hospital injected with morphine suffered severe shoulder separation 111 ac joint damaged bone chipped off acromonium ihave been out of work now for 2 months orthopedic surgeon recommends surgery no insurance hospital responded no mri no surgery unless I pay lawyer suggests it would be hard to recover lost wages I am journeyman commercial plumber wages lost are substantial company refuses to allow return to work with out docters release doctor recommends surgery I have no insurance is it typically hard to recover lost wages in acase such as mine in texas iam not familiar with laws beginning to doubt lawyer please advise

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Q: What is the average settlement for shoulder injury This was caused in auto accident in which the other driver was at fault?
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What is the average settlement for shoulder injury This was caused in auto accident in which the other driver was at fault.?

It would be a good idea to ask your attorney.A very rough rule of thumb is take the amount of wages lost and multiply it by three. There are so many other factors involved that this rule of thumb is not worth much. Obviously a world famous violinist is going to get more than a retired drunk.In the UK - you can claim two parts to your compensation. The first being an amount for pain and suffering which depends entirely on the type of shoulder injury you have received. See the related link entitled "shoulder injury claim" to see different types of shoulder injury and how much compensation you can claim for each. The other part of your claim is for financial losses such as lost income and medical expenses - this will depend entirely on your own circumstances and actual losses incurred.

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