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It ranges from zero to millions. You might want to be more specific: in amateur theatrical productions, in regional musical theatre, in off-Broadway stage plays, on Broadway, in TV supporting roles, as top stars in major Hollywood productions.

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Q: What is the average salary of an actor or actress?
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What is the average starting salary for a professional actress in Hollywood?

what is the starting salary for an actress

What were average child actor salaries on television in 1963?

The average actor salary was $2140500.

Average salary for a Philippine actor?


Whats the average salary for an actor?

55$ per hour

What is the starting salary for an actor?

The starting salary for an actor depends on the location, experience and gender. The average amount would be around $33.82 per hour.

What is an average salary for an actress?

For an actress who has just started 100,000-250,000 but for a actress who's been at it for about 3 years 400,000-100,000,000 dollars.

Monthly salary for an actress?

what is the monthly salary for an actress?

Actors average salary per year?

depends if they are in a successful or popular film i think they get paid a portion of what the movie makes for example someone in a movie such as the dark night will make much more hen an actor in a movie such as G-force

How much do actors or actress get paid?

The salary of an actor may be measured monthly, or by project. The salary is dependant on the type of project, the time they must work in it, the importance of the actor's character, the actor's fame, the budget of the project, etc. For more specific information you may visit and search for specific actors, their salary is sometimes listed in their information page.

What is the difference between actor and actress?

Actor is male. Actress is female.

What is the annual salary for an actress?

The annual salary for an actress depends on how successful she is. A very successful actress like Angelina Jolie has an annual salary of 18,000,000 dollars.

What is another word for actor or actress?

Thespian is another word for an actor or actress.