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Q: What is the answer for estefany sleeps 8 hours each night how many hours does she sleep each week?
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How long do newborns sleep?

It sleeps during a nap they sleep about 2 hours . And they almost never sleep through the night

How can a man go eight days without a sleep?

He sleeps at night

What is the total hours of sleep on average a newborn sleeps?

A one-month-old averages out needing 15 ½ hours of sleep at night and day time; i.e.8 ½ hours of night time sleep and 7 hours of day time sleep, broken up into three naps.

When to ants sleep?

it sleeps in night

Where and when do the group of emu sleeps?

emu's sleep in the night for about 7 hours and are awake forthe rest of the day

How does children sleep at night?

mam ! i think your question is "how can we make children sleep at night " the answer is before they sleep after two hours they should see tv atless 1 hour , if the child sleeps inn his own room let the light open than after h sleeps close the light than he will be able to sleep at night

What is the sleeping time of humans?

The average adult human sleeps for eight hours. It depends entirely on the individual. I personally only sleep for around 6 hours a night.

How many hours does the horse sleep?

The horse roughly sleeps 5 hours

Does vampir sleeps at night?

Traditionally fictional vampires eat at night and sleep in the day

Does a gorilla sleep in day or night?

A gorilla sleeps at night and is active during the day.

What sleeps at night and plays at day?

Diurnal animals are active during the day and sleep at night.

Who sleeps longer boys or girls?

boys sleep longer because they sleep 9 hours to 11hrs and girls just sleep 7 hours to 9 hours