What is premenopausal?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is premenopausal?
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How do use the word premenopausal in a sentence?

Although she was only twenty-seven and premenopausal, she was still unable to become pregnant.

What is hyperechoic endometrium?

Normal in a premenopausal woman.

How easy is it for a 51 premenopausal woman to get pregnant?


Are Vitamin E deficiencies common among premenopausal women?


What are the most common premenopausal symptoms?

There are several common premenopausal symptoms. These symptoms include hot flashes, breast tenderness, decreased libido, fatigue, irregular periods, and mood swings.

What is Salpingo?

salpingo = fallopian tube. ooperectomy = ovary. Therefore salpingo-oopherectomy is removal of one side (unilateral) or both (bilateral). If bilateral the you will go into immediate menopause if premenopausal

Where can I find information on pre menopause symptoms?

If you wife is premenopausal there are several simples you will notice. She will have mood swings, that may occur for not apparent reason, as well as difficulty regulating her temperature.

Can you go through menopause after full hysterectomy?

Yes the hysterectomy alone is removal of the uterus and it is the ovaries failing as you get older that causes menopause. Youl will go into immediate menopause if you have you ovaries removed and are premenopausal

What is a menorrhagia in terms of a woman's health?

Menorrhagia is a medical term used to describe women who are premenopausal and suffer with very heavy bleeding during there period. In this case it is a very heavy flow that is not normal in most cases.

What causes fibroadenomas?

The cause of breast fibroadenomas is unknown. They may be dependent upon estrogen, because they are common in premenopausal women, can be found in postmenopausal women taking estrogen, and because they grow larger in pregnant women.

Do you still have reproductive eggs after a hysterectomy four years ago?

If you are still premenopausal the simple answer is your ovaries will still produced eggs however they obviously cannot become viable as you have no uterus for them to fertilise. See a fertily expert to see if they can be gathered.

Could you be going through perimenapause if you have breast pain and lower abdominal cramping and you're 40 years old and have skipped 2 periods but all pregnancy tests are negative?

Hello Yes you could be premenopausal. But to be certain, see your doctor for a Quantitative Beta HCG blood test that will check for pregnancy. This test is highly accurate and you will know without a doubt if you're pregnant love. Also there is a blood test you can have that can be a indication you are premenopausal based on the results. I cant remember the name of this test unfortunately but mention the test to your doctor ASAP. Take care and please recommend me if I have helped you.