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Q: What is one example of a factor that can affect your health?
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What are some factors that affect human reaction rates?

There are a number of factors that affect human reaction rates. Temperature is one major factor that affects human reaction rates for example.

If i smoke a cigrate one piece in one day . can affect it in my health?

All cigarette smoking will endanger a personÕs health. Smoking just one a day may prolong the effects but will affect your health and those around you.

What is health hazzard?

A health hazzard is a warning against what could potentially adversely affect one's health

How does one cigarette affect someones health?

no. you can get cancers

Holistic concept of health?

The word holistic comes from 'whole'. Therefore a holistic concept of health considers the whole person, rather than just the separate aspects of health. It recognises that each one of the aspects of health has an impact on the other ones. For example if a person is emotionally upset, their mental and physical health can also be affected. So could their social and spiritual health. Another example could be that if a person is not physically fit, because they have injuries, it would affect them emotionally as they are bound to be upset, and this could affect their mental health, which could then affect their social health, as they will not have the ability to make and maintain relationships. It is very difficult to separate the aspects of health as they are interrelated and interdependent.

How is cancer an example of how changes to a single cell can affect the health of an entire organism?

Once one gets cancer in one area it affects the rest of the body by spreading to different areas.

What are the internal and external factors in market factors?

Market environment consist of all factors that in one way or another affect or affected by the organization desicion.there are external and internal factors. Internal factor , these involve (5M's)ManagementManpowermachinematerial andmoney.External factors , these includeMacro factor and micro factors.Macro factors are the one that affect the organization indirectly, these are (pestel)Politicalenviromentsocia-culturaltechnological andEcologicalleagalwhile micro factors are those which affect the organization directly it involvecustomerscompetitorssuppliers andpublic

What is hazzard?

A health hazzard is a warning against what could potentially adversely affect one's health

How does alcohol affect your social health?

one cannot know how alcohol affects your social health

How can environmental factors affect a persons height?

List one environmental factor that can affect a person's height

What is one factor that affect the growth of bacteria in food?


Why is health dynamic?

Examples that show why health is dynamic? Getting sick is one example. What is the difference between dynamic health and relative health? The subjective ...