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Definitely nose

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Q: What is important in breathing nose or mouth?
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Why is breathing through the nose more important than breathing through the mouth?

The germs in the air go through the hair in your nose and get caught in it, when they go through your mouth the bacteria is heading into your lungs and drys out your mouth if you sleep breathing through your mouth.

Can cats have breathing problems from a broken nose?

Cats do not normally breathe out of the mouth, so the nose is very important for a feline to breathe. A broken nose can cause breathing problems in a cat.

What does breathing begin with?

the nose or mouth

What is a breathing machine?

nose and mouth

Where does breathing start?

through your mouth or nose

What you use for smelling and breathing?

You use your nose for smelling along with breathing. You also use your mouth for breathing but you only use your nose for smelling

Why is breathing through your mouth while running better than through your nose?

Actually breathing in with your nose and out with your mouth is best while running, the nose acts as a natural filter for the air you breath in.

What part of the body controls breathing?

Mouth and nose

Is breathing internal of external force?

breathing in through your nose is internal, breathing out through your mouth is external.

Is breathing through your mouth or your nose better while running?

It is best to breathe in your nose and out your mouth, because the nose acts as a natural filter for the air.

What do the nose and mouth do in the respiratory system?

help or aid you in breathing

What does breathing system contain?

The breathing system contains the lungs, trachea, pharynx, mouth and nose