What is garaging address?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The address where you park your vehicle regularly is considered the Garaging Address

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Q: What is garaging address?
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Can you have multiple addresses on car insurance?

You can have two addresses, mailing address and garaging address. The garaging address cannot be a post office box. Insurance companies charge you based on the garaging address of the vehicle, not your mailing address.

How do you find your garaging address?

The garaging addess is the physical location that the car is when you are at "home" and not using the car. This can not be a P.O. Box.

What is RR address in case of garaging address?

RR means rural rout and most of the time is out of the city limits

Can you list a PO Box as address on car insurance card?

PO Box would be your mailing address and the insurance company really cares about the garaging address of the vehicle so it may be difficult.

Do I have to change my garaging address if I take my car to college?

Are you in a different state? Wouldn't hurt to advise your agent or the policy services dept of your insurance company.

What is location influences on auto coverage?

You must list the garaging address on the policy (not a P o Box). The vehicle is rated based on the zip code where it is garaged. Say parents live in rural Georgia but their child drives a car to college and stays in the dorm. The vehicle that the child drives to college will be rated based on the Atlanta address while the other family vehicle will be somewhat less expensive as they will be rated at the home of the insured. You can have multiple garaging address on an auto policy.

Can you have car insurance in Buffalo NY but register the car in nyc?

No. You would need to put your residence address on both the insurance contract as your garaging address and New York will require the same address be where the vehicle is registered. In either case if you lie you will certainly jeopardize your insurance coverage and probably be in trouble with the authorities as well.

Is a 35 year old son considered a child and must be added to your car insurance if he lives with you?

If he lives in your household he should be listed on your insurance policy. If your son does not live with you but sometimes drives your vehicles he should be listed on your policy and his address should be listed as a secondary garaging address.

Can a 19 year old driver be taken offparents car insurance policy if they live at a different address?

Yes, unless the 19 year old is still drives the car a majority of the time. The insurance company would need to know the new garaging address for premium purposes.

Can my licensed married daughterdrive my insured car while living elsewhere with her husband?

Yes, but you need to tell your insurance company. Some policies will not cover an accident if they find out the garaging address is different than what is listed on the policy.

If a child uses your car and moves out of state is the car still covered under your policy?

Depends on how your policy was set up. Some policies would not cover it because the garaging address for the vehicle is different than what is listed on your policy.

Can a car be registered and insured in the owner's state when a family member uses the car in a different state?

You need to be very careful when doing something like this. If the person driving the car is a member of the immediate family and household like the owners son who is in college, the insurance company may be willing to accept the risk if they do business in the state where the son is located. You need to make certain that the garaging address for that vehicle is shown as the son's address as well and that the company knows the arrangement and agrees to the situation. The son or family member must also be listed as a driver on the policy. The rates will be based on the garaging address where the son is located. If the company is not aware of the situation and claim occurs they will most likely deny the claim due to "material misrepresentation" which basically means you lied to the company.