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61223-0-Brokers and Correspondents 61223-0-Building and Premises - Bank and Other Financial Institutions 61223-0-Loan Agents 61223-0-Mortgage Loan Brokers,Payroll Accounting Services

61223-0-Securities Sales Organizations (including mutual fund sales organizations) 61223-0-Tax Preparation Services

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Q: What is class code 61223 for general liability insurance?
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10073-0-Automobile Repair or Service Shops

What public liability is need for fitness classes?

General Liability Insurance is what is needed for the Class Facility or Premises location where the classes are held. General Liability Insurance provides coverage for slip and fall and other premise related claims.Professional Liability Insurance should be obtained for the Instructors. Professional Liability provides coverage for claims related to malpractice and competency of the professional instructor.Answerschools

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A contractor Buys Commercial Liability Insurance in the contractor class, not professional liability insurance. The amount needed is typically determined by the exposures presented or as specified by the employer.

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