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Warm tea with no sugar or milk.

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Q: What is better to drink when you lose your voice?
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Do you have to drink cold water to lose your voice?

Never heard of such a thing.

How can you make your voice better?

Voice is out of one's parents, you 'd better take good care of your throat, drink more water.

What shoud you eat or drink to make your voice sounds better?

i think lemons

How do you make your voice better?

Rest it. don't talk a lot. don't whisper and DO NOT SCREAM. but drink lots of water then voice will sound better. only do this stuff if ur voice gets better test it for 2 minutes and don't sing a lot either.kk

What happens when you almost lose your voice but you still smoke?

You Lose Your Voice

How many liter of water you should drink to lose weight daily?

As much as you can! The more the better

How can you lose your voice for a prank?

The only way possibly to lose your voice is by either yelling loudly, or going through your period where your voice intends to change its pitch. It is in this time that you are likely to lose your voice for a short period of time. but to lose your voice for a prank is not possible.

How much olive oil do you need to drink a day to make your singing voice sound better?

5 Litres a day

Loss of voice for 2 weeks?

The medical condition where you lose your voice is called laryngitis. This is an inflammation of the voice box and often mimics the common cold until you lose your voice.

What do people lose if they don't vote?

They lose there say, they lose there voice in society!

Did young jeezy lose his voice?

Young Jeezy thought his voice was verry annoying. So he thought that crushing his windpipe would make his voice better. Unfourtounately, Young Jeezy made major damage to his throat and vocal cords.

How do you lose your voice asap overnight?

Scream into a pillow for 10-15 mins or drnk really cold drinks eat ice or drink lemon juice or drink vinegar than after that growl and scream (: hope this helped x