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Q: What is another way to say quick turn around time?
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Turn-around times in swimming training?

Turn around time is the time it takes to complete a set.

What is turn around time in scheduling?

turn around time is the difference of time between the time of arrival of process and time of dispatch of process or we can say the time of completion of process

How do you calculate the average waiting time and turnaround times of a operating system?

Average Turn Around Time = Completion Time - Arrival TimeAverage Waiting Time = Turn Around Time - Burst(execution) Time

When was - Every Time I Turn Around - Back in Love Again created?

- Every Time I Turn Around - Back in Love Again was created in 1977.

What is another word for turn around?

Synonyms for turn around:AccomplishAmeliorateAmendBetterBoostBump upChangeChange of mindCompleteFinishImproveIncreaseMelioratePick upProcessReversalReverseReversionSetbackSwing aboutSwing aroundTranspositionTurnabout

How long does it take for a lyme's disease test to come back?

It depends on where it is done. Usually the turn around time is quick, but some labs only run them once a week. 1-3 days is normal

Can you play a Quick-play Spell from your hand on your opponent's turn?

No, you can't. You can only activate a Quick-play Spell on your opponent's turn if you have Set it on a previous turn.

What is another word for returning to a normal state of health?

turn around

Whats another way to say turn around?

look behind you

How do you unlock ignition to turn kia optima 2001 on It won't budge and seems frozen?

Most of the time a quick jerk of the steering wheel either to the left or right helps. Another thought, try to step on the brake. To release the turn on my car I have to press the break peddle to get it to move.

Full form of TAT?

Turn around time

What does TAT stands for in business?

Turn Around time