What is an strong claim?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is an strong claim?
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What is a strong synthesis claim based on?

Strong evidence

What best describes the author's use of a claim and a counterclaim in the passage?

The authors claim is not supported by strong evidence

What does a strong thesis statement include?

A claim and a preview of supporting arguments

What does Clinton claim will happen if women are healthy and happy?

B. thier familes and countries will be strong!

What are the requirements for a cer?

A good claim that states your opinion/fact, strong evidence that supports your claim, and reasoning that shows a link between the claim and evidence. The most important parts, in my opinion, are the reasoning and evidence, but the claim is important too. After all, the claim is the base. The evidence is the top, and the reasoning is all the details that make it interesting and worthy of of attention.

Is mission Santa Barbara Successful?

Yes because Spain used it to claim strong settlements in alta California

What are the buffs on vampires?

Well, what do you mean by 'buffs'? I don't believe that is a word, aside from "being buff", which is when you claim to be physically strong.

Which best illustrates a strong claim?

All of the amendments in the Bill of Rights are essential to democratic freedom, including the unpopular ones :)

Is FIFA corrupt?

yes There is strong evidence to suggest so. Andrew JENNINGS, a famous researcher on this topic supports this claim. There is a facebook group "FIFA Reformation" that also supports this claim. I certainly feel the political entity is corrupt.

Which of the following if true would be a strong counterclaim to the historian's claim?

Personal letters written by Julius Caesar indicate that he believed that Rome should always remain a republic.

Do you have to be a blood to do wicca?

While there are some people who claim that they are the member of a bloodline in which witchcraft and skill in magic was strong, there is limited evidence for it and Wicca does not treat them any differently. Anyone can be a Wiccan.

How do you avoid fallacies in a thesis statement?

Do not use a strong or ridiculous claim that you can not support with evidence. Always use a good premises relevant to your thesis. By using supporting evidence you will avoid fallacies.