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Relative refractory period

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Q: What is an exceptionally strong stimulus that can trigger a response?
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What is a exceptionally strong stimulus that can trigger a response?

threshold stimulus

What can increase a strong stimulus?

Energy can increase a strong stimulus.

What can a strong stimulus increase?

Energy can increase a strong stimulus.

How strong does a stimulus have to be to trigger the neurons?

An action potential needs to occur to trigger the neurons but the action potential depends on whether a stimulus is able to bring the membrane potential to a certain level termed the THRESHOLD. This threshold is about -55 mV for most neurons, but the stimulus needs to bring the membrane potential to this certain level or it will not be triggered. Relating to the ALL-OR-NONE PRINCIPLE, which if the threshold is not acquired then an action potential will not occur but once a stimulus is strong enough to depolarize (making the inside of the cell less negative going from -70 mV to -55 mV) it will trigger. The resting potential is -70 mV which the stimulus needs to bring it up to -55mV.

What chemical is released during a flight or fight response?

The fight or flight response is a physical response; a strong stimulus or emergency causes the release of a chemical called nor-adrenaline (also called norepinephrine)

What is an example sentence for exceptionally?

The maths test was exceptionally difficult.The businessman did his job exceptionally well.

Amplitude of compound action potential increase with increase in intensity of stimulus?

Yes. ....Up to a point. There is a threshold the stimulus must surpass before creating a CAP (compound action potential). Anything below this threshold is called subthreshold. Once the stimulus is strong enough cause a CAP it is a stimulus threshold. At this point the CAP will continue to increase as the intensity of the stimulus increases (now termed suprathreshold) until a maximal stimulus causes a maximum response. Any stimulus stronger than the maximal stimulus is called a supramaximal and does not result in any larger a CAP than the maximum response caused by the maximal stimulus. source:

Similarities between systematic desensitization and flooding?

In both situations, a subject is voluntarily exposed to a noxious, anxiety-producing or otherwise aversive stimulus for the purpose of overcoming the subject's strong response to the stimulus. There may be other similarities, but no others are coming to mind.

How big are Tom Daley's muscles?

Not exceptionally big, but strong yes.

The strong stimulus can increase the?

Number of times the neuron fires

What might trigger erythropoiesis?

Blood loss is a strong trigger for erythropoiesis, as are various types of anemia.

When a neuron receives a stimulus that is very strong?

all or none fashion

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