What is an example of awe?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is an example of awe?
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How do you use awe in a example sentence?

His performance was awe inspiring.

Put you in awe is that a correct sentence?

no, it is a sentence fragment. "Put you in awe" is a sentence fragment because it doesnt have a complete subject. sentence example: The dance team will put you in awe.

What is a sentence using the word awe?

The word 'awe' can be a verb and a noun. Example sentences:The young girl's story inspired the awe of her classmates. (noun)A dramatic unveiling of the statue will awe the art patrons. (verb)Additional examples:The crowd was in awe at the site of the celebrities.When she saw the pyramids she was in awe of their size.He stared in awe at the immense size of the vessel before him.The children watched in awe as the butterfly pulled itself out of the cocoon.

What is the homophone for awe?


What is an example of a sentence using the word remarkable?

Example sentence - When he told of his remarkable experience in the foreign land, the people listened in awe.

Example of Filipino folk song in different occasions?

example of wedding folk song in the philippines

What does awe mean in texting?


Blade of awe color custom?

The blade of Awe can now be colour customized accordingly to the Shield of Awe, and the x Armour of Awe.

What is the base word for awesome?

The base word for "awesome" is "awe."

What is a sentence for awe?

The dean was held in awe.

Awe in a sentence?

I am in awe of the volcano's power.

Can the blade of awe enhanments only be used on the blade of awe?

No, the Blade of Awe enhancements can be used on any weapon.