What is a primary driver?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is a primary driver?
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Does a teenage driver have to be listed as the primary driver of one of the vehicles on the policy to be covered?

No. If he is listed at all, then he is covered. If he IS the primary driver of a vehicle, then he should be listed as such.

What is Primary IDE Channel?

The Primary IDE Channel component provides the IDEport driver in the atapi.sys file.The IDE port driver is part of the IDE driver model in Windows 2000

How often can a none primary driver drive before they are the primary driver?

Generally speaking if there is one car per person in the household then everyone is a primary driver. If there are fewer cars (2 cars 3 drivers) then one person can always be an occasional operator.

What is the definition of a primary driver?

The definition of a primary driver is the main person who drives a vehicle. Other people who sometimes drive are secondary or part time drivers.

What gas is the primary driver of respiration?

Carbon dioxide

Which is a primary driver for ESOHCAMP?

Afi 90-803

What is a Primary key in relation to functions and relations?

A primary key is the identifier in a table. It cannot contain values that are null, and it has to be unique for every record. For example, a driver's license number could be a primary key in a relational database table. Every driver is assigned to one unique identifier, or driver's license number, and no two driver's license numbers are identical.

What to do between Dallas Texas and Wichita Falls Texas?

If you are the driver, stick to your primary job. If you are a passenger, don't disturb the driver.

If one is the primary driver for the car in terms of insurance but does not possess the title for the car is the insurance valid?

It is if you are listed on the policy as a driver.

A primary driver of overhead cost in continuous manufacturing operations is?

Machine Hours

What is the name of the engineer that talks to the driver during the race?

The primary people who speak to the driver during the race is the crew chief and the spotter. The driver can speak to them through the in-car radio.

If you own the car and have your 19-year-old on your insurance policy but list him as the primary driver and he gets in an accident could you be sued for damages insurance didn't cover?

Is he really the primary driver? Who's name is the policy under? Generally being the holder of a policy makes YOU the primary. Check with your company.