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Q: What is a good treatment for throwing up?
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Is throwing up good?

its not good because people now are suffering from buliema where there throwing up on purpose.when yu throw up your body is telling you that something is wrong.people somtimes thin ktht throwing up is good cause it flushes down your system but really its not,we flush our system by using the restroom[pooping and yurinating];;other than a fever cough and throwing up.its not good at all.;;;hope i bhelped\email me for more questions;

Could i be throwing up 9 days after sex if im pregnant?

Throwing up can be from all kinds of things. There is a good possibly that you could be pregnant.

What is a hermaphradite?

it means that they both were throwing fits and throwing up it means that they both were throwing fits and throwing up it means that they both were throwing fits and throwing up it means that they both were throwing fits and throwing up

Is amoxillin good treatment for lyme disease?

The treatment should be up to your doctor.

Why are you throwing up yellow stuff?

Throwing up yellow bile can be a sign of an empty stomach or excessive stomach acid buildup. It might also indicate a blockage in the bile ducts or liver issues. If you are experiencing this symptom, it's important to consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Is throwing up good when your sick?

Well it obviously doesnt feel good, but I think its good to get everything bad out of your system. from fantagecookies, yes, its good when you are throwing up when you are sick.It help the bad things go out of your body and you will get healther soon enough.It also get lots of pain too,cause when you throw up it doesnt feel good, of course. HOPE THIS HELP THANK YOU FOR READING :D

What is Mai-Lee?

She is nothing she is good with throwing blades but family members are high up in the fire nation.

What is tomato good for?


Does Katy Perry the movie show someone throwing up?

no way its nice a good i love katy perry

Can throwing up lots kill you?

Yes throwing up alot can kill you. You can get it caught in your throat and choke on it.

What rhymes with throwing up?

Going up!

How do you help your mom stop throwing up?

The way to stop your mom throwing up is to make her think of ice.