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personally i like to use easy spray on sunscreens. MD soldar sciences makes great spray on formulas with SPF 40 for broad spectrum protection. also carry other great lines for every occasion. I love ordering my products from them, they have awesome customer service

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Giovanny Medhurst

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1y ago
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Q: What is a good sunscreen for acne skin?
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Why is sunscreen good for you?

Sunscreen in itself is not necessarily good for you- I mean, if you put it on and then stay inside all day, it won't do you any good. But if you're out in the sun a lot, sunscreen is a really good idea. Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun's UV rays which may be very harmful to your skin. The sun is very hot, and may give you a sunburn, heat rash, or even skin cancer if you are out too much without sunscreen. Sunscreen doesn't guarantee you WON'T get any of these, but it will help lesser the chances. Tip: ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Can you get acne by wearing sunscreen?

Yes, it blocks your pores. Better quality sunscreen helps prevent this

Which fruits are good for acne treatment?

Papaya is most effective fruit in acne treatment. You mash papaya and apply it your skin. It has a magical effect on skin and treats the acne.

If someone burns themself what is a good remedy for a skin burn?


Which skin care products are the least irritating for skin that is oily and prone to acne?

Vaseline is a non irritating substance that is good for oily skin that is prone to acne.

Can surgical spirit be good for acne?

is surgical spirit good for the skin

Is Acne Good For You?

Acne is not good for you, but because it gives you greasy skin, it mean you will get less wrinkles when your older or it will take a long time to get wrinkles (:

How do you get porcelain skin?

Probably just to have a good facial routine, and use sunscreen.

Which acne cleanser is good for you?

It depends on the kind of skin someone has.

Is acne star soap will be good for sensitive skin?


Is an acne facial beneficial to the skin?

An acne facial is not always beneficial to the skin as this depends on many factors like the severity of the acne, how often the procedure is done, and the consistency of the skin care regimen at home; if all the factors are good it is beneficial.

Do ladybirds have acne?

Nope. They do not have skin- they have an exoskeleton. No skin, no acne.