What is a good bed time?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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That depends on the age

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Q: What is a good bed time?
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When is a good time to take care of teeth?

Before bed, after breakfast, and after lunch if you have time.

Is it time for bed?

A good time for bed is that one that you set as a daily routine. Neither too late, nor too early is a wise choice for you.

When it is a good time to go to bed?

8:00 [or 8 o'clock]

Why do kids have to go to bed at a certain time?

so they can have good enegey in the morning

Are kids allowed to choose there bed time?

No because of School but Friday and Saturday are good

Does wearing a bra to bed all the time cause chest pains?

No but it's not good for the breast tissue to always have something squeezing it. No bras in bed!

What time is Michael willers going to bed tonight?

About 10 or 11ish if hes a good boy?

What are some of the things a person can do to improve sleep quality?

A better bed, complete darkness, everything quiet, good sheets/pillows/covers, nice PJs, over the counter pills for it?, a good amount of time to sleep, and a fruit before bed time.

What time is it when an elephant sit on your bed?

Time to get a new bed!

What time is bed time in French?

When you get free from all the work, its bed time.

What are features of birds?

Old answer: They are good in bed!!!! New answer: They are good in bed with your mum

Is calmoseptine good for bed sore?

Yes, Calmoseptine is good for a bed sore.