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A samurai is comparable to a medieval knight not just anyone can be one they have to be a descendant from another samurai and they have to train for years. A regular soldier is just anyone who was inlisted or joined the military.

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As nouns the difference between samurai and soldier is that samurai is in feudal Japan, a soldier of noble birth who followed the code of bushido and served a daimyo while soldier is a member of an army, of any rank.

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Q: What is a difference between a samurai and a soldier?
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What is the difference between a samurai and shogun?

The difference between a shogun and a samurai is like the difference between a king and a knight.

What is the difference between a samurai and a ronin?

A ronin is a samurai. Samurai was a status in Japan. A ronin was simply someone of samurai status that had no clan affiliation.

What are similarities between believer and soldier?

Samurai were hardcore and would never surrender. Soldiers would do their best....but weren't at the level that the samurai were at. Samurai would go past chivalry, and wouldn't be afraid to die. They would actually embrace death.

What is the difference between the Europe medieval knights armor than the samurai armor?

how are you going

Was a samurai like a soldier?

A samurai was exactly like a soldier. They were trained in many different weapons, and obeyed their daimyo (lord/commander), regardless of what the order was, so pretty much exactly like a modern-day soldier. I'm speaking of course about the samurai class in general, not individuals, as samurai were obviously very different people when compared to modern day soldiers.

Who was the 7 letter word for Japanese American soldier?


What was the role of the samurai?

the samurai duty was to server the emperor in dark times when the shogun was away from the kingdom to be a bodyguard/soldier for the wealthy

You were a samurai philosopher a brutal king and a kidnapped soldier Who are you?

Forest Whitaker

A professional soldier of japan that devoted his life to the service of a lord?


What is the difference between samurai and bushi?

Nothing, essentially. Both are used interchangeably to refer to the exact same thing.

How could you use guerrilla in a sentence?

The difference between a soldier and a guerrilla is that a soldier will kill his enemy, a guerrilla will kill anyone who is not himself.

Do you have to be a samurai if you're Japanese living in Japan?

No. The samurai were a warrior class and were a cut above your common foot soldier. You would have to be trained to become one.