What is a control Unit in a CPU?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The CPU (central processor unit) is a small part of the control unit. In automotive applications, sensor input are the most inportant devices. Ram (random access memory) and ROM (Read only memory, which hold the control instructions or program) The most important part the the timming intervals and fixed assumtions of fuel pressure operationg tempature and ait flow. I hope this helps and isn't too technicial.

from a former Junior college instructor.

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Q: What is a control Unit in a CPU?
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Which unit of CPU control the overall operation of computer?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

A CPU contains?

A CPU contains a control unit and an arithmetic/logic unit

Is control unit another name for CPU?

yes,if at all we check it out basic process of computer architecture ,we can come to know with out control unit the only CPU process cannot run ,CPU means it is combination of conntrl unit and arthimetic logical unit.....

What does the CPU consist of and what do the letters CPU stand for?

The letters CPU stand for Central Processing Unit. A CPU is made up of the control unit, instruction decoding unit and an arithmeticlogic unit.

What is the control unit and arithmetic unit?

CPU (Central processing unit)

Does The control unit of the CPU manage the switches outside the CPU?


The control unit and the arithmetic logic unit are located in the?


The - unit coordinates all activities from CPU?

The control unit coordinates all activities of a CPU. The other parts of a CPU are arithmetic logic unit and memory.

Which is not found in the CPU?

A pig

What are the two primary sections located on the CPU?

the units of the CPU are :- ALU (arithmetic and logical unit) CU(control unit) the ALU handles the arthmetic operations being done by the application and the CU is responsible for handling the instruction passed by the micro processor.

What is the job control unit inside unit CPU?

Job control is a system function and is handles by an operating system. The CPU does not candle any job control functions. Job control is on a much higher level that the CPU is not designed to handle.

What does the CPU consist?

A CPU is made up of the control unit (CU), instruction decoding unit and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU).