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i think sag compensation springs are used in dead end termination of quadra conductor bus where jack bus is passing below bus & required clearence if we are not getting betn two buses their these sag compensation springs are used to bring conductor under tension .

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Q: What is Sag Compensating Springs for Pantograph Isolator?
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Sag produced in the conductor of a transmission line depends on?

-The tension of the cable (the tighter, the less sag, but this can cause other problems if too tight) -The temperature outside (the higher the temperature, the more it will sag) -The amount of current flowing through the cable (the more current, the hotter the conductor will get = more sag) -The type of cable (aluminimum will sag more than copper; ACSR will sag less than straight aluminimum).

When Ontario Hydro workers set up electrical cables during the summer they allow the cables to sag. Suggest a reason for this. In your answer refer to the particle theory?

i know someones going to be on this sooooooooo....... they sag because the hydro workers know, from the heat the cbles will sag during the summer, so they start the sag so they cant sag anymore

How do sag's in power transmission formed?

The plural of sag is sags, not sag's! Sag is caused by the weight of the conductor between its supports, and is (a) unavoidable and (b) necessary to allow for the conductor's expansion and contraction during variations in temperature. When surveyors design a power line, the amount of necessary sag is calculated and built into the design, while ensuring that the clearance between the conductor and the ground remains within safe limits.

What is length of the towers that is used on transmission lines?

That is depends on the factor of sag and clearance required. And also on the level of voltage transmission used.

What is the need of dstatcom?

DSTATCOM is one of the equipments for voltage sag mitigation in power systems. In this paper a new control method for balanced and unbalanced voltage sag mitigation using DSTATCOM is proposed. The control system has two loops in order to regulate compensator current and load voltage. Delayed signal cancellation has been used for sequence separation. The compensator should protect sensitive loads against different types of voltage sag. Performance of the proposed method is investigated under different types of voltage sags for linear and nonlinear loads. Simulation results show appropriate operation of the proposed control system.

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Why sag setting in Transmission line?

The sag setting is necessary because it is physically impossible to have a suspended line with no sag. The sag is specified because there has to be a minimum clearance value for the height above ground at the centre of the sag where the cable is at its minimum height.

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