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Shake it up

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Q: What is Ross Lynch's favorite tv show?
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What is ross shor lynch favorite tv show?

austin and ally or shake it up more shake it up

What is jbs favorite show?

His favorite TV show is Smallville?!?!

What is Taylor launters favorite tv show?

His favorite TV show is ALF

What us tv show has the person Ross Geller in it?

Ross Geller was one of the six main characters in the American hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

What is the name of ross's monkey?

On the TV show Friends, Ross' monkey is named Marcel.

What is Austin mahone's favorite TV show?

His favorite. TV show is South Park.

What is Christian Beadles' favorite TV show?

Christian Beadles's favorite TV show is house

What is rapper drake favorite tv show?

His favorite t.v. show is Dexter

What is madam cj walker favorite tv show?

what is madam c.j. walker favorite tv show

What is tayler lautners favorite tv show?

Taylors favorite show is American idol!!!

What is Bella Thorne's Favorite TV Show?

her favorite TV Show is.... Austin and Ally i know this cuz im her cousin(:

Who played Ross and chandler's college crush who Ross asks out on the tv show Friends?

Ellen Pompeo