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In the book his name is 'Matt Honeycutt' but in the show its 'Matt Donavin'

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Q: What is Matt's last name from The Vampire Diaries?
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What was Elijah last name from The Vampire Diaries?

Elijah's last name from The Vampire Diaries is Mikaelson. He is a member of the powerful Original vampire family on the show.

What is stepen and Damon's last name from the vampire diaries?

Stefan and Damon's last name is Salvatore.

What is Meredith's last name in The Vampire Diaries?

She is hespanic. her last name is Sulez. her parents are named Gabriella and Nando.

Why is midnight the last book for Vampire Diaries?

It isn't there is another Vampire diaries series (like The Vampire Diaries: The Return) Called The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters where they all go off to College together HI - l.j.smith has been fired, author of vampire diaries therefore midnight was HER last book in the vampire diaries series - the new set titled by l.j.smith fan's [name's chosen by her fan's on her site] V.D the hunters: the phantom will be written by a ghostwriter! please bycott alloy!

What is stephen's last name from The Vampire Diaries?

Stephan Salvatore or his real name Paul Wesley he is polish.

What the real name of Caroline in Vampire Diaries?

Caroline's full name in the Vampire Diaries is Caroline Forbes.

What is the proper name for a vampire creator?

my name is Katherine. like Katherine in vampire diaries . and Katherine is the proper name for a vampire

What is Elana's name from Vampire diary's?

Her name is "Elena" in the Vampire Diaries. But, her real name is Nina Dobrev.

What is the name of bonnies grandmother in Vampire Diaries?

Her name is Shiela.

What is the name of the newest vampire dairies book?

The Vampire Diaries Return: Midnight

What is Elena's aunt called in the book series of Vampire Diaries?

In the Vampire Diaries book series, Elena's aunts name is Judith.

What is the name of the actor who plays Damon salvatore in vampire diaries?

If you mean Damon from The Vampire Diaries it is Ian Somerhalder