What is 18kt ge setao?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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setao rings

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Q: What is 18kt ge setao?
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What does 18kt ge mean?

18 kt GE means that the jewelry is made up of 18 karat gold plate. The GE stands for gold electroplate.

What does 18kt ge pad mean on the inside of a ring?

"GE" stands for gold electroplate, meaning that it may not be a true gold ring. Have a licensed jeweler make that determination to be certain.

What does 18kt GE RSC stamped in a ring Mean?

18KTGE and RSC: 18KTGE = 18 karat gold electroplated; RSC = jeweller's brand

What does 18k gersc stamped on the inside a diamond ring mean?

A: The GE usually stands for Gold Electroplate. The rest is the initials of the designer.Gold Electroplating is done by taking a silver ring, plating it with copper, and then plating the copper with 18kt gold. The gold (18kt) is so thin it essentially has no value. Jewelers will not generally size a GE ring, if it is sized you will see the plating flake off, and there will be three colours visible, the gold plating, the copper, then the silver. A GE ring is essentially costume jewellery.

What is 18kt?

18KT is gold that has been alloyed with a high percentage of copper and silver. 18Kt gold with more copper blended with it looks more red, and 18KT blended with silver alone looks more green.

What does means 18KT gold electroplated?

18KT gold electroplated means that this item is gold plated. Your item is most likely 18KT gold over silver.

Your ring has 18KT G E engraved on the inside what does this mean?

It means 18kt gold electroplated.

What is 18KT HGE worth?

It is worth nothing at all. HGE refers to heavy gold electroplated. Though 18KT refers to 18 karat gold or 75 percentage gold, 18KT HGE is worth nothing.

What does 18kTch mean?

it is 18kt gold

What does 18 kt MGE Mean when stampted on the inside of a ring gold color?

18kt - is the purity of the gold - 75% pure. GE - means gold electroplate. This means the 'core' of the ring is a lesser metal, which has been plated with the 75% pure gold.

How much is a 18kt GE ring worth?

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What is the value of a 18kt hge espo?