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Commercial property insurance.

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Q: What insurance covers stolen property on a job site?
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If a car is stolen does libality cover the insurance?

No. Liability insurance only covers damage you do to someone else's property. What you are liable for.

I have my pop up camper installed at a permanent site. What kind of insurance do I need to get ?

Ask you insurance company if they provide on-site caravan insurance. This type of insurance covers your camper and belongings when you have it residing in a permanent spot, rather than using it for traveling.

Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Quiz?

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

Where can one obtain Event Insurance that also covers weddings?

One may obtain event insurance that also covers weddings from "Markel Event Insurance". The site explains what type of coverage is included on issues such as gifts, rental equipment and all other aspects relevant to weddings.

What does a commercial insurance floater cover?

A "floater" is typically an insurance endorsement that covers tools and/or materials while they are away from the business. For example, an air conditioning contractor might want a personal tool "floater" so that his tools on the job site are insured. A contractor building a house might want a tool "floater" and a material "floater" to cover tools and materials at the construction site. Typically a commercial property policy covers tools and materials ONLY if they are within 100 feet of the business location at the time of the loss.

Where can you find cheap dental insurance that covers everything?

I found a great site where you can compare quotes from different companies: insureinfo.infoI found a great site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Does your renters insurance cover your things stored off site?

It can, it just depends on what coverage you purchased. Contact your insurance agent to determine if you have coverage for off premise or stored property.

Where can I buy insurance for unoccupied property?

Here is a site for the US: and here is one for the UK:

What is the best health insurance for self employed people?

You could try which is an easy site to get heath insurance from. Not only will it cover you being self employed but it also covers other situations to such as: Short Term Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Child Insurance, Individual or Family plans!

Does general liability covers driving accident of an employee?

No, Your general liability insurance covers accidents on the work site. Commercial Auto Insurance would cover the work related auto accident of an employee. If the employee was injured while on the job, Your workers comepensation coverage would also apply.

As a tourist does you car rental insurance cover medical treatment if you have an accident?

Each car rental company offers different types of insurance from LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) which covers the cost of repairs to the vehicle in certain PEC (Personal Effects Coverage) which would cover items stolen from the vehicle. There are so many options depending on the car rental company, you should contact the car rental company directly or check their web site for the different types of insurance offered.

What is the difference between farm liability insurance and vacant land general liability insurance?

Farm Liability is often a Farm Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage form and generally covers the land on which you farm as well as the products which you produce as a farmer. It covers the personal liability for the insured(s) as well as the farm exposures. There is some off-farm property coverage often written on a Farm Package. Vacant Land General Liability provides protection for the undeveloped vacant property. The definition of vacant property / vacant land is an important item to review in the coverage form. If it's to be undeveloped land and a the insured is putting a road in and / or developing the site, one might need a different class code.