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Parasypathetic division

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Q: What if your speech was a success You feel your body calming down What is activated?
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Do lavender bath salts have a calming effect?

The lavender bath salts does have a calming effect. It can smooth your legs, body, smooth your skin.

Where were the body heat activated orthodontic wires developed?


What comes after the introduction in a speech?

the body of the speech.

What uses does Valerian essential oil have?

Valerian essential oil is used for calming and grounding the body and mind.

How does activated charcoal remove poison from a person's body?

Activated charcoal removes poison by the openings that attract molecules and make them stick to their surfaces.

What is the function of plasminogen in the body?

When plasminogen is activated, it causes the production of plasmin.

What skin structures are activated when the body loses excess heat?

sweat glands

Is sympathetic nervous system is primarily calming?

No. The sympathetic nervous system is excitatory. It works via epinephrine and norepinephrine to put the body on a state of alert, vigilance, and action. The parasympathetic nervous system (controlled mainly by acetylcholine) is relaxing and calming.

What makes brain cells different from other body cells?

they are different time are activated

What has been activated in the body when you get sweaty hands and cheeks feel hot?

The Autonomic System

Is green tea good for menopause?

It can be, green tea is good for the body in many ways. (calming, helps cleanese it, aids metabolism, ect.)

Bad news speech?

bad news speech it is the speech that making news in public to know the bad affect in our body.