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If you drink too much it will lower the pH and the electrolytes in your blood. You will get nausea and abdominal pain and extreme acidity can kill you.

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Q: What if you drink a bottle of vinegar?
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What is in vinagar?

Only in very small amounts, it is very unpleasant to drink and will upset your stomach, best not to drink it.

How much vinegar should you drink a week?

None. You don't drink vinegar

A bottle of table vinegar is an example of a homogeneous mixture?

Yes a bottle of table vinegar would be classed as homogeneous.

What is average the cost of a bottle of vinegar in America?

It depends on the type and size. A 16 oz bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar costs about $2, the same size bottle of Balsamic Vinegar costs about $11. The costs also vary for White Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, and so on.

Expiration on opened bottle of white vinegar?

White vinegar doesn't have an expiration.

Does vinegar get rid of bees?

Yes, vinegar will get rid of bees. In order to use vinegar as a bee deterrent, simply dilute vinegar with some water in a spray bottle. Use the spray bottle and spray the bee prone area.

Was there a whiskey bottle with1732 George Washington 1932?

No. Per the Brooklyn Museum, that bottle was a vinegar bottle .

How come you should not drink out of a orange juice bottle?

If you drink out of a orange juice bottle you can spread icky germs to other people that drink out of that bottle.

Can you drink red wine after it been open for one year?

Wine that's been open for that long is fairly likely to have "turned" ... become vinegar. If you like drinking red wine vinegar, I suggest you just go buy a bottle of that instead.

Someone opens a bottle of vinegar the scent fills the room what is this an example of?

someone opens a bottle of vinegar . the scent fills the kitchen .this an example of?

if soft drink in a bottle fizzes after opening?

Soft drink in a bottle does fizz after opening

Do dogs drink from a bottle or drink from a bowl?

Well, as people know they drink from a bowl but, I have seen a dog drink from a water bottle before!