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Then their insurance cuts you a check for the Bluebook value of your car. Also, some of them also offer rental coverage until the car is replaced (but obviously not for several weeks)

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Q: What if their insurance decides your car is total loss?
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Can a insurance refuse take your car when they claimed total loss on your car in California?

Yes, insurance can refuse to take your car when they claim a total loss on it. They would just have to take it to a junkyard from there anyway.

Can insurance tell if your car has been total loss by previous owners when you take out insurance?


If my car is considered a total loss by my insurance company can I sell the parts?

In the event of a insured total loss, the insurance compnay, not you, has the rights to the parts. This is called salvage rights.

Are insurance companies the only ones that can declare a car a total loss?


Can you ask the insurance to deem your car a total loss?

you can ask but you probably will not get the answer you want.

What type of insurance will pay for damage to your car or to replace your car if it is declared to be a total loss?

collision coverage

Who decides if a car is totalled?

The insurance company.

Does an insurance company have to pay your taxes when your car is a total loss?

No. That would still be your responsibility.

Will you have to pay your excess if your car is a total loss?

Yes. Its called the gap. Get Gap insurance.

When is buying gap car insurance a good investment?

GAP insurance pays the value of the car minus liens applied to it and only pays in the event of a total loss. If you can get coverage that covers damage (as well as total loss), this would be better. If your liens are substantial in relation to the value of the car, then GAP insurance is not worth it.

Do you still have to pay lien holder if car is a total loss?

Yes unless your insurance covers it.

If a car is considered a total loss after an accident and the insurance company pays you for what the car is worth do you still have coverage on that vehicle if you contnue to drive it?

Usually if the car is a total loss, the insurance company will pay you and take the car. They then sell it for parts/salvage. If they let you keep the car, all you have to do is check on the current status of your policy and see if it is listed.