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Avoid foods that cause stomach bloating. You can use peppermint tea as a remedy.

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Q: What home remedies are good for stomach bloding?
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What are some good home remedies for a bloated belly?

There are a variety of good home remedies floating around the internet that deal with a bloated stomach. One of the most popular is lemon juice and warm water.

What is a home remedy to treat the lump on your hamsters stomach?

There are no home remedies for tumors, you should get your hamster checked by a vet.

WHat is good remedy fir hyper acidity?

A good remedy for hyperacidity conditions incorporates home remedies. Home remedies include eating bananas and ginger.

What are the Home remedies for a good 8 hours sleep?

Best home remedies for good 8 hour sleep is, do not smoke, or drink coffee, and go to sleep at

What are some home remedies for infant stomach aches?

peppermint either in warm water or if the child is old enough in candies

What are some good home remedies for stress and anxiety?

Good home remedies for stress and anxiety is always good to remember. If you are stressed out try aroma therapy, with scents like lavender, mint or tea tree oil.

Where could someone find heartburn home remedies?

Heartburn home remedies can be found on Best Health Mag, WebMD, Healthy Living, One Good Thing, DIY Natural, Mayo Clinic, Homemade Medicine and Home Remedies.

What are some good home remedies for yellow teeth?

There are some good home remedies for yellow teeth, such as using lemon acid, hydrogen peroxide or wood ash. Also strawberries and baking soda methods.

What folk medicine remedies are available for dealing with morning sickness?

There are many home remedies for morning sickness. Eating crackers, potato chips, fruits and vegetables, and drinking fluids to avoid dehydration should all help. Fennel seed tea, ginger root, lavender, thyme and mint can be steeped into a tea that can be soothing to the stomach.

Are there accurate sites online that give information on home cold remedies?

A website that is highly recommended is: - This website will provide information on home remedies for colds. Also, is a good website.

How do you get rid of a bile buildup in the stomach?

If you've got a "bile buildup in the stomach", surgery may be required. Bile doesn't normally enter the digestive system until after the stomach, and if your digestive tract is flowing backwards, home remedies are not likely to help.

What are some good home remedies for intestinal flu?

When a person comes down with the stomach flu it is important to keep them hydrated. Sports drinks are great becasue they contain electrolytes. Cola and ginerale are thought to help relieve nausea. Tylenol can be given for the aches but be sure to not give ibuprofen as it can irritate the stomach.