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Q: What happens when you drink kerosen?
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What spanish words start with k?

kerosen kilo kilometro kilogramo kiosco kodak kurdo

How do you remove elfy drop?

put the affected part of cloth in kerosen oil for an hour then rub gently.

What happens if you drink a little bit of cologne?

you drink a high sugar concentrated drink

What happens if you drink butanol?

You die!

What happens to a hot drink when it cools down?

It becomes a luke-warm drink.

What happens if your puppy drink evaporated milk?

Nothing happens. The puppy will be ok.

What happens to refrigerated crusha?

What happens if I drink CRUSHA without putting it in the fridge

What happens when you drink milk on ice?


What happens when you drink alchochol?

u get drunk

What happens to the milk when you drink it?

it goes in your stomach

What happens to the body when you drink soda?

You burp.

What happens to someone when they drink to much?

they die