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Most of the time the insurance adjuster will look at the police report and base his investigation on that. They will get statements from both drivers and any witnesses as well but if liability is clear they will not just accept what their policyholder says. I have had a few but most of the time the adjuster will issue payment to the party who was not At Fault anyway.

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Q: What happens when the other driver is at fault has insurence but disputing claim?
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What does it mean to controvert a workmen's compensation claim?

it means that the employer is disputing how the accident or injury occured and benefits may not be paid out during this time

Can a driver with no insurance clain of your insurance?

Sorry, the driver with no insurance can claim of your insurance. He/she has no legal right to lodge such unauthorised claim.

Is it better to write a collection agency to say that you are disputing a debt of 151 or just ignore their notices?

Write to the agency and tell it you are disputing it; that they are not to call or write to you anymore on it and that if they want to pursue it they have to do so in court. You should also notify the appropriate credit agencies that you are disputing the debt not just ignoring it. Ignoring it but not disputing it looks like you are admitting its yours but you do not or can not pay it. That is bad for your credit. If you dispute a small claim, chances are the agency will consider it not to be worth going to court over and write it off.

What happens if you don't have insurance but the other driver does and are hit from behind in Texas?

The fact that you don't have insurance doesn't preclude you from collecting from the at-fault party. Call the other driver's insurance company and file a claim for damages.

What happens if a car that is wrongly parked is hit by another what does the driver of the wrongly parked car do?

The owner of the car that was wrongly parked still has the ability to sue. They should get the other driver's information and file a claim on their lawsuit.

What happens when a uninsured driver hit someone?

What happens when an insured driver hits someone depends on the state you live in. In a no-fault state you present your claim to your insurance company for payment. In a tort state, you would sue the driver for compensation. If you have uninsured driver coverage, then your insurance company should cover you and/or your vehicle, up to a certain amount. You should check with your insurance company to be sure.

What happens when both parties of an accident have the same insurance carrier but the driver who was not at fault had expired plates in Wisconsin?

Your expired plates should not cause an insurance claim to be paid.

You were rearended by a drunk driver who happens to be insured by the same company as you Should you cooperate with the insurance company?

Of course you need to cooperate. Any time an Insurance co. has a claim, they have to investigate it and determine who's liable. Cooperating is in your best interest. Tha fact the you and the other driver are insured by the same company has nothing to do with the claim itself.

In ma can a non insured driver file a claim against an insured driver?


What should you do if you get a letter from a collection agency and the amount of the debt is wrong?

The collection agency must give you thirty days to dispute any portion of the debt they claim you owe. You must send a written reply disputing the amount and any proof of your claim.