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It becomes dehydrated. The organs begin to function less efficiently, and if the dehydration is severe enough, a person can go into shock.

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Q: What happens when the body doesn't have enough fluid?
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What happens if you diarrhea too much?

our body lacks enough fluid to function properly.

What does it mean when you keep gagging and you don't ever throw up and it happens almost every day?

It means you probably have a virus, but there is not enough fluid in your stomach to create throw up, but ur body is trying to get rid of stuff it doesnt like. you got a virus.

Why do I not perspire in high heat or from physical activity?

Not enough fluid in your body. Your body has not enough fluid to produce the perspiration that you need. Drink more good healthy water!

What is it called when your body doesnt have enough water?

It is called dehydration (or Gafaf in Arabic).

What happens if you dont have enough phosphorus in your body?

you die.

What happens to your body when you do not get enough sleep?

you fell tired

What happens if you don't get enough dairy in your body?


What happens to your body if you eat less carbohydrates?

nothing, your body doesnt need carbohydrates as much as protein,fat etc..

What causes dehydration like Lack of Vitamin C or Lack of fluid in body or Not enough dairy products?

Go with answer B. Lack of fluid in the body will cause dehydration.

What happens to the body when a person drinks saltwater?

they get dehydrated if they drink enough

Whats is clear fluid leaking while pregnant in the 5th month?

This fluid is know as colostrum and happens as the body prepares for the birth of your baby.

What happens when you're body doesn't get enough nutrients?

you will end up dieing.