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the no tickets and no insurance do not determine liability (who is At Fault for the accident), now if the uninsured driver is at fault then of course a state report can be filed, and they could lose their license, be fined, have to pay for other parties damage etc.......the dept will investigate to determine liability for the accident and that person (or ins co) will have to pay for the loss of the innocent........(or percentage of such if not 100% negligent dependent upon state liab. laws)

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Q: What happens in a auto accident where no tickets are issued and only one person has insurance?
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Do you need to call your car insurance company if no tickets were issued in an accident?

The way that most insurance policies are written is that you are required to contact your insurance company whenver you have a loss. Tickets don't matter, fault doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if nobody intends to claim for damages. Your insurance policy is a contract.

Can a insurance company sue me after an accident. Because after their investigation they found me a fault. I was not issued a ticket for the accident?


If you do not declare endorsements on your UK license does this invalidate your insurance if you have an accident?

Contact the party that issued the insurance policy for this answer.

Are you liable in a car accident if you did not receive a ticket?

yes,........ tickets are only issued if the police observe an infraction

I was in an auto accident both parties were issued tickets my car was damaged who is responsible for the damages?

ANSWERIn this case you need to go to court and fight the ticket, if you believe that you are not at fault for the accident, however, based on your own insurance policy, it may be different. Most likely, both of the Insurance co. will deny liability to each other, and if you don't win your ticket in court, you are stuck with your own costs.

How do you find AIG life insurance co formerly issued by interstate life and accident insurance co chattanooga tn?

look up an policy

If someone else is driving your car and gets a speeding ticket will it affect your insurance?

No. Speeding tickets are issued to the driver not the vehicle.

What is time limit for getting a ticket after an accident?

There are no time limits on traffic tickets. They can be collected on any time after they are issued. Most insurance companies will not count them after a period of time. And the points are removed from the driving record eventually, the length varies by state.

Can automobile policy issued to cover retroactively?

No. An insurance policy cannot be issued to pay for an accident that already happened. Why in the world would you think that an insurance company would take on a claim that happened before you purchased the policy.

If a father owned a car and the son took it for a ride and had an accident how much would that affect the son's premium when he gets his own insurance?

Well, for now it will effect Dad's. If the boy was issued tickets, and they are still on his record when he applys for coverage this will show up and he will be rated accordingly.

Can insurance company refuse to pay if wrong VIN?

if your insurance agent had entered the wrong vin number in when getting you insurance by one digit and they issued you a policy and have been driving around under the assumption you had insurance and get in an accident?? who is liable??

Will passing in a no pass zone make your insurance go up?

No, not that one particular charge. However, every moving violation has 'points' attached to it. If you get too many tickets (i.e.: too many points accumulated) your rates will go up. EXCEPTION: If the ticket was issued as a result of an accident - yes - your rates WILL go up because of the accident caused by that violation.