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Q: What happens if you spit at someone?
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What happens if a dog eats dirt with oil in it?

it will spit it out.

Can someone's spit cause you harm?

If someone were to spit on your intact skin, then probably not. But if they were to spit into your open mouth, into an open wound, or into a mucous membrane like your eye, then if they were carrying a disease then it may be able to infect you.

How can you tell when someone is unconscious?

you spit in their mouth

What cause the Arab spit?

Arabs typically spit if they are disgusted with someone's opinion or if they have too much saliva in their mouths.

What is llama spit?

Who cares? Llamas will not spit at you if you aren't mean to them and if you didn't do anything, that means someone else was abusing them! Their spit can either be saliva, grain, or cud! Hph...

Could someone elses spit on your lip make it into your mouth and give you hiv?

The answer would be no. If the person spit blood into your mouth and you had a sore then YES. Spit will not give you HIV.

What happens in the area of water sheltered behind the spit?

A salt marsh.

When you dip tobacco why is your spit so gooey it only happens when you dip why is this?

because the tobacco juice mixes in with your spit making it brown and gooey

What causes someone to throw up spit?

Convulsions in the stomach.

What if you spit on someone?

You get in trouble because that's rude and disgusting.

What is chewing tobacco like is it gross?

Tobacco is a versatile drug; it can be smoked, chewed, or snorted in the form of snuff. The gross thing about chewing tobacco (not counting the addictive and carcinogenic properties) is that you chew it and then spit it out, you don't swallow it. It is somewhat disgusting to see someone spit out a wad of brown gunk. In places where this happens a lot, people have (or used to have) a special container for people to spit into, called a spittoon.

If I spit on someone could I go to jail for assault?

Yes, spitting on someone can be considered a form of assault and could result in criminal charges being pressed against you. It is seen as a form of physical contact that can be perceived as aggressive and disrespectful.