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1. Shock.

2. Unconsciousness.

3. Death.

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You die

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Q: What happens if you loose too much blood?
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What happens if you loose too much weight?

You become skinny.

What happens if there is too much nitrogen in the blood?

nitrogen narcosis

What happens when there is too much vasopressin in the body?

your blood pressure rises

What happens when too much blood gets to your head?

You might die

What happens in Hyperlipoproteinemia?

Hyperlipoproteinemia occurs when there is too much lipid (fat) in the blood

What happens when you have too much albumin in your blood?

ben cady and joey burns in bed

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Eating too much pork can lead to high blood pressure. But it also has a lot of protein

Is swallowing blood bad?

Swallowling a little bit of blood is not bad. It happens naturally. Too much is not good, though.

What happens when you add too much blood to a sodium citrate tube?

elevated glucose value

What happens to the blood in the lung?

Can't breath and you die cause your lungs with dry out too much .

What happens when cholestherol occurs in excess in the body?

Too much or too little sodium can cause cells to malfunction, and extremes in the blood sodium levels (too much or too little) can be fatal.

Why happens if a person has too much intake of salt in their diet?

Mainly it'll raise their blood pressure.