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some people might die if they loose to much

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Q: What happens if you loose blood?
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What happens when you loose a small amount of blood?

Nothing really happen intell you loose alot.

What happens if you loose too much blood?

1. Shock. 2. Unconsciousness. 3. Death.

What really happens when your leg is asleep?

The flow of blood is reduced by pressure and you loose feeling in the limb, when blood flow is restored you get the tingly feeling of the nerves being refreshed with blood.

Why is it dangerous to loose blood?

While it is not life threatening to loose blood, it is fatal to loose a very large amont of blood. Which after, results in what is called a "memorage"

How much blood did she loose having second baby?

a lot of blood

Why do you not loose so much blood when you get cut?

Vitamin K in the blood helps the blood to clot.

What happens if you loose a joust?

you become gay

What happens if you tooth fell out and you loose it?


What happens when heating a magnet?

it will loose its magnesium

What substance in platelets in blood helps catch the loose blood cells?


What substance in platelets in blood helps catch the loose blood cell?


When a person has sickle cell disease what happens to their hemoglobin protein under oxidative stress?

they precipitate and loose their elasticity. then. the red blood cell cannot pass through the smaller capillaries