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If you forget to put on the goggles or the disposable circles, you can always close your eyes. I prefer to close my eyes because I don't want to have "Raccoon Eyes" when I come out of the tanning bed. Hopefully you're smart enough not to leave your eyes open. This is very harmful to your vision.

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Q: What happens if you forget to wear eye protection in a tanning bed?
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Do you have to wear tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

You should wear tanning lotion when on a tanning bed because these lotions that you buy at the salon help you absorb the tan better.

Can you wear contacts in tanning booths?

I wear my contacts when I go tanning. Since you have the eye protector goggles, it should be no problem.

Do I need to wear protective goggles in a tanning bed that doesn't have a separate face tanning system?

Yes! You should always wear goggles to protect your eyes. The lights in a tanning bed can damage them very easily regardless of whether or not there is a face tanning system.

What do you wear in a tanning bed?

bathing suit, or nothing if you please.

Can you wear extensions in tanning beds?

You probaly could but they might frown upon it

If you wear foundation while tanning outside will your face get tan?


What does it mean if your boyfriend go all the way but wear protection?

It means that he cares... it is really important to wear protection and he knows it... you shouldn't worry! If he didn't wear protection then worry!

Is it true that you can't wear sun screen in a tanning bed so every time you go tanning in a tanning bed you come out pink?

It is not true that you can not wear sunscreen in a tanning bed. Most tanners choose to use accelerators and maximizer's but some tanners still use sunscreen on sensitive areas and there are even lotions which contain a low SPF (usually no more then an SPF4).

Should you wear makeup while going tanning in a tanning bed?

It really up to you. My mom does and shes only 35 so i say it up to the person

When guys go to the tanning bed what do they wear?

A speedo or banana hammock, if anything at all.

What to wear to tan your whole body when tanning?

Wear baggy clothing so the tan doesn't rub off when applying ot after.

What happens if you tan without protective goggles?

definitely NOT!!! the UV rays from the tanning bed (if you are using one) are too powerful for your eyes...well i mean that if you DON'T wear eye wear (goggles or some other form that the salon gives you) then the UV rays can actually harm your could cause blindness, or other means of loss of vision such as night blindness or blurred you answer is NO it is not safe to go tanning without eye wear. No