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You will receive a no insurance violation (major offense), and be liable for damages. If you are hit by a vehicle with no insurance, your insurance will cover the property damage (subject to the deductible) and injuries may draw from the Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy.

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Q: What happens if you are in a fender bender with no car insurance in the state of mn?
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How long can you wait to make an insurance claim after a small parking lot fender bender?

depends on state laws, usually up to 2 years.

What happens if you get into a fender bender accident without insurance in the state of California?

You can lose your license if you were at fault. If you were not at fault you would be required to purchase insurace with the SR-55 form. This means you will pay higher insurance and will have to do so for three years. (The rules may have changed over the years.) After you have had 3 years of no accidents and no lapses in insurance then you would get another form from the DMV and you could purchase a lower cost policy. In California you can purchase liablity only insurance.

What happens if the driver gets a DWI on your insurance?

It depends from state to state, but it probably shouldn't affect your insurance.

What happens to No fault insurance in a fault state?

At-fault state laws apply.

What happens if you have a wreck without auto insurance in the state of Indiana?

you get money

Can an ailing senior citizen be sued for a minor fender bender that occurred two years ago although the other party was paid by her insurance?

yes and no, you need to contact your insurance company immediately !!!!....will depend on the state statue of limitations, you don't say but assume your company paid (2years ago) for the damage to the vehicle and they are now suing for injuries? if that's the case and there was no injury settlement or release two years ago, then yes they can...please be more specific about what they are sueing for and what the insurance company paid for two years ago..your insurance company will handle this suit for you, get in contact with them right now please !!!! it will be ok........if your company paid them then your company accepted liablity...another sorrier scenrio is if your company paid (not setttled) policy limits and they are now coming to your for the balance? that is a whole different ball game, but doubt this as you call it a 'minor fender bender' let me know with more info i can be of more assistance.

What happens if you are hit from behind in a no fault state?

Typically the person who hit you pays. If they don't have insurance, your no fault insurance will pay for it.

Is Kristen Johnson Melinda the State Farm Agent in the fender bender commercial?

I would say it is her. Of course they have her made up to look like a plain Jane who is a little on the heavy side. In real life she still looks very pretty.

What happens if the person that hits you is covered in another state?

Nothing happens if a person that hits someone in their vehicle and their insurance is covered through another state than the accident happened at. Car insurance companies will pay for damages no matter where they happen at.

If you have insurance on your car from another state what happens if you do not change the insurance to the new state you live and work in?

If you have made this new State your primary residence state, your insurance company may require after one year that you register your car and your license in your new state. The auto insurance should follow the registered state, and if you are a permanent resident, then you should register your car and re-write a new auto policy for that state.

What happens if you get a ticket for no insurance and suspended plate and you sell your car?

That depends upon your state laws.

What happens if your boss has no insurance and you got hurt?

Check with your state Workman's Compensation Agency. Your boss might be in violation for failing to pay into the insurance pool.