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Typically the person who hit you pays. If they don't have insurance, your no fault insurance will pay for it.

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Q: What happens if you are hit from behind in a no fault state?
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Who is at fault when a car is hit from behind?

If you are hit from behind it is usually always the guy that hit you that is at fault unless you were in reverse backing up

Who is at fault when your car is hit from behind at a railroad crossing?

The car that hit you from behind.

If you hit a car from behind is it legally your fault?


Who is at fault when the car behind you hits another car thinking that you are going to hit them as you reverse Incidentally I did not hit their car?

It is their fault.

What happens if you hit a car from behind and you have insurance?

Unfortunatey, if you hit a car from behind, it is your fault. Period. Your insurance will pay for damages and the other person's injuries, if any. Hopefully, nobody was seriously injured, but you can expect your insurance to go up!

Went too far into the intersection backed up and hit the car behind you Who is at fault?

you are at fault

Are you at fault if you hit someone from behind who stopped in the middle of the street and the started to back up?

If they wern't going backwards when you hit them you are at fault.

Who is at fault when on the red light a car hit you and you hit the car in front of you?

The car behind you

Who is at fault if something falls out of a vehicle and it is hit by the driver behind causing damage?

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

If a car has his turning signal on and the car behind him gets hit from the car behind by the second car whose fault is it?

is fault of car behind the second car not yours

If you were backing out of a parking spot in Washington state and suddenly seen a car approaching from behind you stopped but were hit from behind by the other car who's at fault?

Hard to say. Possibly equal fault by both parties but most likely the person backing out.

Who is at fault in a rear end collision approaching a stop light?

If you hit someone from behind it is automatically your fault.