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if they catch you, they can take away your license for 30 days.

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Q: What happens if i drive with g1 in Ontario i have insurance and if i drive alone what happens?
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Can I get a written permission to drive alone to and from work with a G1 in Ontario?


What happens to your car if you drive with expired registration and no car insurance?

You get arrested

What happens if you don't have car Insurance in Massachusetts?

You can't drive without insurance. You can get your license suspended if caught.

What happens if a person cant get auto insurance?

In many or most states not having liability is against the law. No insurance and you drive illegally, or you do not drive at all.

If you are 18 in CA and you have a driving permit and you're covered by insurance can't you drive alone?

No. A permit is not a license.

Can you drive go karts on roads in oshawa Ontario?

Of course you can you can drive a go kart anywhere in oshawa, its 100% legal. Someone like a scooter you do not need plates or insurance.

What happens if you drive without the required insurance coverage?

It depends where you are. Some places do not mandate it

What happens after 3 days without auto insurance?

nothing, just illegal to drive with out it.

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What happens if you drive someone else's car which has no insurance and you have no insurance and you get in an accident?

This is not good. The law specifically says, that, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle you are about to drive is properly insured. Sorry to say, but there is no way out of it.

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