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they cancelled it because they didnt think too many kids didnt watch it same with kenan and kel

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Q: What happened to the show Catdog?
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Is the show catdog good for all ages?

Of Course CatDog is a good show for all ages. CatDog is a family friendly show.

CatDog was a good idea for a Nickelodeon show?

CatDog is another amazing show that used to be on Nickelodeon. CatDog is one of Nickelodeon's best cartoons.

Where can you watch catdog online?

You can watch episodes of the show CatDog on youtube.

Is CatDog an amazing show?


Is CatDog a magnificent show?

Yes it is a magnificent show.

Is CatDog a family show?

Yeah its a kid friendly show

Is catdog one of the classic Nickelodeon shows that are part of Nickelodeon's golden era?

Yes, CatDog is a classic Nickelodeon show.

Is CatDog real or fake?

It's a real show.

Is CatDog an awesome show?

This question is answered according to your opinion. Many who have watched CatDog as a child do favour it as an "awesome" show. Though individuals opinion vary; if you were to watch CatDog as an adult you may think it is immature; but it is up to the individuals' choice and preferrence.

Is CatDog an amazing cartoon?

Yes, it's an aweosme show.

Is catdog great cartoon?

Yes, it's an awesome show.

What Nickelodeon show is about a cat and a dog with the same body?