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99% of the time, the striking vehicle is charged with the collision. You were either following too close - failed to give full attention to your driving - or failed to have your vehicle under control.

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Q: What happends when you hit a car in front of you?
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What happends to breaks when the speed of a vehicle doubles?

nothing unless the hit break while the car is moving

Who's fault if car-A behind hit your car after you change into his lane causing you to hit a car in front Car-A said you hit car in front first which caused him to hit you No witness Car in front left?

First, you shouldn't be cutting people off. Whom ever hit the other car from behind would be at fault.

Who is at fault when on the red light a car hit you and you hit the car in front of you?

The car behind you

Who is responsible If you hit someone from behind in your car and the person you hit hits the car in front of them?

If YOU are the driver of the vehicle that started the chain collision, and pushed the car you hit into the car in front ot it. - YOU are responsible.

If someone hit car in front of it and that car hits another car in front of it who going to pay for the damages to the car?

the car that that did the original striking will pay for all damages.

Are airbags useful if your car is hit from the front by another car?

Yes . They are still useful .

What happen if the car in front of you stop suddenly and you hit the car?

When ever a person hits the car in front of them, they are found at fault. If you hit a car in the rear even though it stops short, you are at fault. You will probably get a ticket and your insurance will go up.

You were involved in an accident and the dirver hit you from behind sending you into the car in front of you now that insurance company wants you to pay for the repairs what should you do?

Typically that is the way it works, They car behind who hit your car pays for your damages and the car in front that you hit will be covered by your insurance.

Who is at fault if a car hit you forcing your car into the car in front then the driver who hit you drives off?

Get his registration number. The fact he drives off does nothing to reduce his responsibility.

Who is at fault if the car in front started spinning in a puddle and was hit on the back passenger door?

The driver who hit it.

Who is at fault when a car hits you and you go into the car in front?

the car that hit you in the rear is at fault. think about it this way. What did you do wrong if you were stopped

When you are entering a car from the street do you approach from the back or front of the car?

The back, so it does not jerk forward and hit you.