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Q: What gmc motor has block casting numbers 8970010?
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Block casting numbers 3892657 what size motor?

what does the casting number GM 3892657 say about this engine block

What size motor has block casting numbers 14093638?

chevy 350

What are these numbers on my truck motor 3970010?

Numbers on the motor of trucks and other vehicles are identification numbers for the engine block casting. These numbers identify the batch of production the engine block comes from and can be used in recalls.

What size motor has block casting numbers 10243880?

It's a 95-00 350.

What size is your motor?

stamp #GM-8970010

How do you tell what year chev motor is?

There is casting numbers on the side of the block, just above the freeze plugs, that will give the casting date. give those numbers to year one dot com or some dealers, that fool with classics. they have the chart to convert the casting numbers to dates.

How do you find out the yearof my Chevy 350 motor?

Find a book on casting numbers for chevys it will give you the year of the block the heads & the manifolds.

What size is this motor 8970010?

double check the numbers... i think you'll find that the first number is a 3 3970010 and it is a 350 ci

What is the Small block casting number 3978010?

motor #3978010

What motor do you have the casting is 3970010 and numbers on front right are c71183775 and the one below is ko629txd?

3970010 can be a 350 two or four bolt block.

Where would you go to look up the numbers on a Jeep engine block to determine what the motor is?

Right above the motor mounts on the 304 V8 engines there is a large casting mark that says 304.

How do Identify what Small block Chevrolet engine I have with engine number FO6I6U located on passenger side of engine on block facing radiator?

The best way to identify your motor is to use the casting numbers on the drivers side rear of the block, behind the cylender head. The cylender head casting numbers may help too, they are located under the valve cover.