What gives a brain energy?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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the food which we eat gives the energy to the brain


I cannot agree with this one. This would mean that if we eat the same food, then we all should have the same brain energy. This is not the case never mind what we eat.

Definitely there is something else that gives the energy to our brains. I'd say that our brain cells are capable of acquiring the energy from universe. So, different cells bind different energy and that's how we are different.

How that process wroks, ohh, well, I'd like to learn about it too.

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Q: What gives a brain energy?
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Where does electrical energy go after reaching the brain when converted from light energy by eyes?

Electrical signals in the brain trigger various functions such as processing visual information or storing memories. The energy is used to power these neural processes, allowing the brain to interpret and respond to the visual stimuli.

Why is a blood cell so impotent?

a blood cell is important because without it, we would not be living because it gives energy to your body and brain.

How do screen time affect brain?

it gives brain damage

Which organ uses more energy heart or brain?

The brain.

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What reaction gives out energy?

If by energy you mean heat energy exothermic reactions.

What type of energy is in our brain and how can we create and use the that type of energy?

I thak the brain is good to us buecues whatout the brain we cloud not thaing

What hormone gives you energy?

the hormone that gives you energy is your sex hormone.

Does food gives you energy?

Yes junk food gives you energy

Is glucose a source of energy for brain cells?

yes, glucose is the only source of energy for brain cells

What are some food lines?

Some food lines are: sun gives energy to the grass which gives energy to cows who gives energy to humans

Your brain brain use how much of your bodys energy?