What episode is goten born?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It doesn't show when Goten is actually born, but at the end of bio-Broly, movie 11, it shows where he's a baby. It shows where gohan gives him a piggy back ride.

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Q: What episode is goten born?
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What is the episode that Goten is born?

goten isnt born in dragon ball he is born in dragon ball z

What dbz episode is goten born?

It's not shown, but he is born when the cell games start.

Is future goten in dbz bt 3?

there is a goten, but not a future goten. There was no future goten because goku died. And, goten was born in 2010. Goku died in 2010 months before goten was suppost to be born. Goku and chi-chi have to f*** each other for goten to be born. Without goku, goten can not be born.

What episode is it when goten first turns super saiyan?

episode 191 in original series

What is the episode of Dragon Ball Z where goten is named?

I dont no the episode..... But trunks is stronger than goten because trunks was the first one to learn how to fly and some people think that goten is stronger then trunks because goten was the one who stood up ad trunks didnt.... Well thats true but trunks was weaker because he was the distractor while goten was doin something stupid So thats why trunks is stronger then goten

Which episode did goku first meet goten?

Gotenks first appears in the episode time struggle

What episode did goku take a bath with goten and trunks?

At episode 287 in Dragon ball Z series.

What episode in dragonball gt did goten and valese had their first date?

Episode 25 ( Baby's Arrival)

What is the episode Goten meets his dad Goku?


In What episode does goten show up?

Ep 201 in season 7 of dbz

When is goten born?

sometime after Gohan is.

Does goten go ssj 2 in dragonball gt?

Yes in episode 37 or 38