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A microwave may cause brain tumors, cancer, cataracts, a weakened immune system, and even birth defects.

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Q: What effect does microwave radiation have on your brain health?
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Is there any radiation from the mobile tower which will affect the human lives?

Basically no. Microwave radiation only has the effect of heating things up (think of the microwave in your kitchen). There has been some debate whether this could heat up your brain and what effects it would have, but it has generally found to have little or no effect.

Does mircowave radiation damge the brain?

Yes microwave radiation does damage the brain, yet the only way you could get harmed is if you stuck your head inside the microwave and then turned it on. Only the most ancient microwaves will damage your brain otherwise, and even then, the radiation is so small that it amounts to almost nothing.

What is the effect from a radiation?

the radiation can cause the brain damage so it is really hamful.

How does microwave radiation affect your brain?

microwaves cook your brain if you get close to them because they cause bad damage, you should not stand near them while running

What is the side effect of cell phones radiation?

brain cancer

How are cellphone hazardous to your health?

This is disputable, but some people claim that the radiation from cell phones is harmful to your brain.

Why should mobile phones not be band from children under 12?

Actually - children under 12 they should be banned from using mobiles ! There is on-going research into the effects of the microwave radiation given out by mobile phones on the user. Children have thin skulls - allowing the microwave radiation to penetrate deeper into the users brain.

Can nutrition and diet effect an individual's mental health?

Chemistry effects mental health. Diet & nutrition are chemicals. Eat healthy foods and improve your brain chemistry. That will enhance the ability of your brain to improve your mental health.

Why are cell phones good for you?

Radio waves from cell phones can lead to brain cancer so yes

Can rotten teeth effect the brain?

Yes it can cause serious health issues you need to get it fixed asap

How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways effect your physical health?

because if u get mad it can stress your brain.

Risks and benefits of using microwave Radiation?

microwave radiation can cook your food, and mobile phones use microwaves (but they need transmition towers) If you are exposed to microwaves for a long time (like pressing your face against the microwave oven to check on your food) then you can develop cataracts. Also, microwaves from mobile phones can affect certain parts of your brain, so be careful with your cellphone, especially if you're young and growing.