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Q: What effect does ash have on your body?
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What is the effect of volcanic ash?

it is so hot it can create fossils

Who plays the voice of tali'zorah in mass effect?

Ash Sroka

How did the ash Wednesday fire effect the environment?

by burning paper

Does volcanic ash effect planes with propellers?

Yes the ash would build up and clog the air filters to the combustion chamber

Can you get Celebi in sapphire by naming your character ash?

you cannot get celebi even you name yourself Ash, the name doesn't effect anything

What happens to a body at the morgue?

It gets reduced to ash.

What describes the effect of volcanoes .?

They cool earth, due to the ash and gas released.

Why do volcanoes effect planes?

After volcanoes erupt, a huge cloud of ash rises above it. This ash cloud causes problems for aeroplanes in mid flight.

What correctly describes the effect of volcanoes?

They cool earth, due to the ash and gas released.

What effect does mummification have on the body?

the effect is to preserve the body for millions of years

How furadan effect human body?

how effect furadan in female body

What is the effect of the salt on the body?

The effect is to dry the flueds inside the body