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Q: What does you can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky mean?
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What does it mean if you feel scared while your sleeping then wake up feeling dizzy and heart pounding?

soetimes i fall asleep then i fee like i fall down stairs then wake up

What is a sentence using wake as a noun and a verb?

If I fall asleep during your uncle's wake, please wake me up.

Why didn't Katniss want Peeta to fall asleep in the cave?

Katniss didn't want Peete to fall asleep, cause she was afraid that if he would fall asleep he would never wake up.

It always takes about an hour or an hour and half to fall asleep and once i do fall asleep i wake up multiple times with hot flashes and it's difficult to fall back asleep. is this insomnia?


What is the process of dying in your sleep?

You fall asleep, and then you never wake up again.

Did princess aurora fall asleep and wake up as Sleeping Beauty?

yes she did

Can hamsters survive snow?

NO they cannot! they will fall asleep and never wake UP AGAIN!!!

What does it mean when your falling asleep your body feels like its about to fall in mid air or something?

I'm having the same problem and I wake up and parts of my body r still asleep and feel very weird

What do animals do in the rainforest?

Stalk their prey rape them fall asleep wake up and rape their family

How can you train your brain to move objects with a thought process?

It takes alot of practice.But it is known to be fake. First you fall asleep, but before you fall asleep try really hard to remember you are about to fall asleep, then when you are asleep only if you know you are asleep, picture the object then move it. when you wake up go to the object and it will have moved back from the place you moved it.

What can you give a woman to make her fall asleep and not wake up for hours?

Roofies, Rufalin, it's a drug illegally, it makes her fall asleep and not remember a thing! Good luck on your date rape. Peace!

What shall you do if somebody got drunk to cool down?

first you will have to try and make fall asleep. if they wake up, smack them in the face and say that smosh was here. they will or should get exited and the drunkness should wear off. Anthony Padilla and Ian rock!